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What is AMH? Can I increase AMH?
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What is AMH?

AMH stands for Anti-Mullerian Hormone. It’s a rather new test for fertility.  AMH is secreted by the eggs that are not yet formed in the ovaries. I like to say, AMH is made by baby eggs.  A low AMH indicates that there is less potential for eggs left in the ovaries.  The exact amount of AMH can vary a little bit, but generally it is believed that AMH will go down with time and age.

Can I increase AMH?

If you ask a doctor, they will likely say that AMH will not increase. However, I can say that in my clinic, I’ve seen AMH increase when my patients do regular acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  If you have low AMH and you’d like to get pregnant, I believe that if we work together, we can increase your AMH, and increase your chance of getting pregnant.  This is true whether you’d like to naturally try to get pregnant or use ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies like IVF or IUI). I encourage you to stay hopeful and call me for a Free Consultation if you’d like more information about using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to try to increase your chances of getting pregnant. We can chat on the phone or in person, whatever you prefer.  Here’s the link to schedule: https://booknow.securedata-trans.com/js7shkx/