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The Embryo Transfer Prep Program
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Improve your chance of implantation with the Embryo Transfer Prep Program

Are you looking forward to an embryo transfer soon? 

Are you worried that your uterine lining might not be adequate for a successful embryo transfer? 

Would you like to increase your likelihood of implantation success?


What is included in the Embryo Transfer Prep Program? 

The Embryo Transfer Prep Program is a 5 step program that synergistically works to improve your chance of embryo implantation. Together, we work together to increase your chances of successful embryo implantation.  It involves: 

1. Improving blood flow to the lower pelvis area. 

2. Providing targeted nutrients for your body to be able to build a thicker uterine lining.

3. Ensuring nutrients are digested properly so that your body can use them.

4. Proper energy management so that your body directs its additional resources for fertility enhancement.

5. Directing more blood flow to the lower pelvis area to improve circulation.

Using a combination of food, supplements, acupuncture, and proper energy management, we can work together to give your body more energy and blood, and direct it to use these resources to enhance your fertility.  Curious?  Schedule a free consultation for more info, or if you’re ready, schedule an Initial Acupuncture Session for Fertility with the BOOK NOW above. I look forward to empowering you, and together we will improve your fertilIty.